Beach Visitors Need To Check The Rules

Have fun on the beach this summer, but follow the rules. That's the simple advice from the man responsible for 26 miles of sand beach in Harrison County.

Beach regulations are posted throughout the sand beach in Harrison County.  There are eleven specific regulations that apply to beach visitors.

Keeping the beach clean tops the list of do's and don'ts. No littering.

"We usually keep about 400 trash cans out on the beach. They're spread out over a certain distance and in the high use area there's even more spread in a closer area. So, there's really not an excuse for someone not to just walk about 100 feet or so and dispose of it in the trash can," said beach director, Bobby Weaver.

Amber Scott and her friends from Louisiana didn't notice the posted rules. But they do have a pretty good idea of the beach visitor's code of conduct.

"No bottles. No trash. No trashing the beach," she said.

And "No Dogs" on the beach. You're not supposed to even walk your dog on the boardwalk since the rule says no animals south of the sea wall.

Dog lovers should be happy to know there's a small section of sand where Fido can chase a Frisbee without being attached to a leash. Just this week, the Ocean Springs board of aldermen approved such a rule for a one mile stretch of East Beach.

That's welcome news for June. The half beagle, half Walker Hound loves the beach almost as much as her owner.

"I run up and down the beach. And she just follows right by me," said Greg Jakins, June's owner.

Allowing free running pets on East Beach means a game of "fetch" with a dead fish is not a problem for owner or dog.

"So you don't, you can just let it run wherever it wants to. Instead of choking it," Jakins said.

Back on the beach in Harrison County, no dogs, just a few simple rules to ensure a safe, enjoyable summer.

"For the most part, people do adhere to the regulations we have on the beach," said Weaver.