Pascagoula Plans To Breathe New Life Into Delmas Plaza

A major beautification project has been underway for the last several months in Pascagoula's historic downtown. But the purpose of this project is about more than beauty. It's about business as well.

"Enhance and try to make improvements to help get new businesses to relocate to the downtown area," says City Landscaper Kevin Hall.

"And to encourage people to visit our stores, visit our restaurants and our businesses within the downtown," says Community Development Director Betty Bensey.

In recent months city workers have been busy planting trees, flowers and other plants throughout the downtown area.

"We're getting things that people want to see, pretty things, and hopefully this'll bring more activity downtown," said Main Street Coordinator Rebecca Davis.

The city has also placed iron benches and trash cans throughout the plaza to add to the retro look of the downtown area. Several of the buildings have undergone face lifts reverting back to the architectural style of the 1920s when the downtown area thrived.

"The downtown area is the heartbeat of the city," said Davis. "You have to have a heartbeat in order to live and you've always had the heartbeat but its been slow and now it's picking up."

Davis and city leaders hope that once construction is complete the number of people visiting the downtown area will pick up as well. Monday city workers will begin installing old fashioned lamp posts and lights bringing Delmas Plaza one step closer to shining the way it did in years past.

by Josh Ridgdell