Skate Park Improving

Some changes will soon be taking place at the Harrison County Skate Park on Debuys Road. In an effort to beautify the park and make it more accessible to the entire public, the county is using bond money to make some improvements.

Landscaping has already started, and in early January the county will start building a park complete with a playground, picnic tables, and some trees for shade. The county is also advertising for a manager to run the park and taking proposals to operate the pro-shop and the concessions.

Harrison County Supervisor Connie Rockco says, "We can lower the cost for all the children by making some improvements. We've already had some landscaping improvements, we'd like to make a park in the back, we'd also like to make it accessible for seniors to walk in the morning and at the same time lower the fees for the individuals who skate here."

A manager would be hired by the county to run the facility, and by renting the pro shop and concessions out that money would pay for the utilities.