Acadian Ambulance Busy In It's First Week

Acadian crews are responding to about 26 calls days from all around the county, and most local fire departments say they are pleased with the job Acadian is doing.

"What we are finding is that they are arriving about the same time we are arriving, so that's a very good response time, which is usually 3 to 5 minutes," Gautier fireman Michael Gray said.

Acadian's company spokesman Butch Oberhoff says the first week went smooth with an only a few transitional problems.

"A couple of little bumps in the road, more adjustments than anything else, but all that's gone off without a hitch," Oberhoff said.  "By and large its been very smooth."

One of the areas Acadian will kept refining is where to station ambluances based on need and getting the best reponse time.

"I think we need to continue to monitor where the calls volume is the heaviest and where calls come in and the appropriate deployment of ambulances," Oberhoff said.

As part of the new contract with the county, local emergency agencies will have the chance to give and get feedback from Acadian officials once a month.

"It's going to be a monthly thing," Gray said.  "We will receive all the calls on a monthly basics so we can monitor the response times, where they were, what were the types of calls and if there was any type of problem."

Acadian crews say they feel confident their service will improve each week as crews will get know the county and patients better.