Dogs, drugs, and guns seized in Jackson County raid

Drugs seized from a home in Pascagoula.
Drugs seized from a home in Pascagoula.

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - A drug raid in Jackson County ended with three people in jail, ten dogs seized and pit bull shot by officers. As drug agents executed a search warrant at a home, Sheriff Mike Byrd said the dogs inside charged the officers on Monday.

When narcotics agents and Pascagoula police raided a Sculpin Avenue home, the sheriff said they found illegal drugs, guns, and ammunition.

"We found cough medicine that was in the Sprite bottles that is mixed up to drink that will make them get high," Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd said. "You see the buds from the marijuana, you see the spice, the scales, and also you see these weapons that were here."

Drug agents said when they entered the Pascagoula home; several pit bulls began attacking them. Byrd said officers then shot one pit bull and tazed another one.

"This is, we think, they were used for protection to keep people away from their drug business," Byrd said.

According to Byrd, 39-year-old Richard Price, 27-year-old Kevin Hardiman, and 38-year-old Deran DeFlanders are now behind bars in Jackson County. The suspects are facing a list of charges ranging from drug possession and felony firearm charges.

"Some of them are out on bond, and one of them was under house arrest, so these people are facing a long time in jail," Byrd said.

The folks at the Jackson County animal shelter tell us they are holding the dogs as authorities complete their investigation.

"They may try to adopt some of them out, but if they are too vicious, I am sure they will have to be put down," Byrd said.

Byrd said the officer, who was bitten by the pit bull was sent to the hospital, treated, and released.

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