Manufacturing Jobs For South Mississippi

Gulf Coast Economic leaders say they plan to promote South Mississippi as the ideal location for the launching of new industry and expansion of existing businesses in an effort to bring more manufacturing jobs to the area.

President of the Mississippi Manufacturer's Association Jay Moon says the state has what it takes to lure companies to the state.

"I think we've got a great work force in the state and we're working to make them better in terms of their skill levels," says Moon. "We have a great location. We've got a great base of industry that can provide support services."

Economic leaders say they plan to use these assets to attract new industry.

"We are very aggressive in terms of our efforts to recruit new manufacturing job creation," said George Freeland with the Jackson County Economic Development Foundation.

"What's important to the Mississippi Coast is that we maintain the leadership that we've held in the past of being the manufacturing leader in Mississippi and so the alliance is aggressively working to that end," says Sue Wright of the Gulf Coast Alliance for Economic Development.

Wright adds that in the last decade Mississippi has lost more than 60 thousand manufacturing jobs. By working with local legislators and state officials, economic leaders throughout the state are working to reverse that trend before more jobs are lost.

by Josh Ridgdell