Volunteers cleanup Biloxi's trash

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Fourth of July celebrations took place more than two weeks ago, but the trash still remains.

Saturday, Biloxi became a lot cleaner, thanks to around 30 volunteers who got up early, put on gloves and headed down Highway 90 with garbage bags in hand.

Steve Gunn said, "After the fireworks display, there is so much trash left behind by everyone down here on private property, on the north side. The county and the city would like to help, but they are not allowed to go on private property."

That is why he and his 13-year-old son, Daniel, spear headed the cleanup. Last year, the two picked up more than 23 garbage bags themselves.

Steve Gunn said, "This year I told him we had to do it again, and he said, 'Dad we need some help.'"

Daniel Gunn said, "I don't like seeing trash on the road and the highway; it is just bad for our city and our tourism."

Councilman George Lawrence agrees. That is why he also pitched in to help.

"It's like your front yard, when people come into town, the first thing they see is Highway 90. It's a main entrance in the city of Biloxi. It's a great thing; I love it," Lawrence said.

He is not alone. Volunteers came out in with the Police Department Explorer Program. Many other volunteers were from Keesler, and others came with their families.

Ten-year-old Taiylor Birkley was excited to be able to help, but he has a message for those who created the mess.

Birkley said, "You can just put it in the trash can because there are trash cans all around... instead of just dumping it."

Steve Gunn said, "Thanks to all the volunteers. Thanks to the people who sponsored, and next year, we hope it will be a little bit bigger."

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