Gulfport movie goers unfazed by "Dark Knight" violence

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - For many of the movie goers at the Cinnemark Theatre in Gulfport, nothing was going to stop them from seeing the Dark Knight Rises.

"I was not reluctant; I've been waiting for this movie for four years since the Dark Knight. I've been patiently waiting for this film to happen, and I'm a big fan of Christopher Nolan," Garbiel Bryant said.

"My mom told me about it after we already bought the tickets so I was like yeah, we're still going to go,"Alexus Hartzog said.

The success of the Batman franchise is widespread with fans spanning across the globe. The story of fictional character has captivated audiences since 1939.

Though it's all in good fun, experts say the incident in Aurora goes to show that sometimes the separation between fantasy and reality can become cynically intertwined.

"Certainly that happens. People, when they're not happy with their own life, they want to take on the genre or personality of some other individual or live in the movies unrealistically. (but) I think we have to be careful not to blame too much on the movies," Tom Payne, Associate Professor at The USM School of Criminal Justice, said.

Payne says though it's important to be cautious, there's no need to live in fear.

"We shouldn't believe the sky is falling. This was a random act of violence. The person responsible has been arrested the situation is under control," Payne said.

With that said, the movie goers in Gulfport seem to be on the right path.

"That was a very profound horrible thing to happen, but a mad man shouldn't stop anyone from enjoying the movie, especially this movie," Payne said.

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