D'Iberville police, theater talk security after Colorado shootings

D'Iberville police say people who let this horrible act of violence or the fear of a copycat crime ruin their movie plans this weekend are letting the criminals win. Officers met with officials from the Grand 18 Theater to talk about a plan of action, should there be any problems.

Die hard Batman fans wasted no time getting their hands on one of the hottest movie tickets in the country, the Dark Knight Rises.

"I've watched all the Batman movies up until now," said Kyle Bennett of D'Iberville. "This is the last movie, so just kind of wanted to finish off the series. "

Sara and Ian Smith also live in D'Iberville. "It's supposed to be one of the most epic movies ever so we definitely had to come out to see it," said Ian Smith.

Hours after a shooting at a Colorado theater, D'Iberville Police went to see Grand 18 Theatre officials. Police said they talked about stepping up security this weekend and should there be any problems how they will be handled.

"We train all our lives for the worse case scenario," said Capt. Clay Jones. "As an agency Chief [Wayne] Payne, he equips us well. He trains us well. We have to pray that nothing like that ever happens in the city of D'Iberville."

Jones said, "We try prepare ourselves and we prepare our merchants, but really in reality how can you stop something like from happening? It's very difficult."

Some movie goers say after hearing of the Colorado shootings, seeing this movie also became an act of defiance to show they won't be ruled by violence.

"We came out even though what happened in Colorado. We're not going to let that affect us," said Ian Smith. "We know not everybody is like that and we feel really safe in this part of town and this movie theatre. So we're still going to enjoy our time and have a good one."

Capt. Jones said, "What happened last night was a form of domestic terrorism. It established fear in the hearts of everyone. Just like after 911, we don't want to let them win. Go on with your life."

"Know that law enforcement, the military, we're here for you. We're doing the best we can to keep you safe but if you stay home and you're scared then they're winning," said Jones.

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