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Your Week in Viral Videos: A crazy tip and an even crazier kitten

(RNN) – Some people's stories are best told after they're gone, and a fortunate waitress can attest to the truth in that.

Aaron Collins left his family explicit instructions in his will to go have pizza and leave the waitress a $500 tip.

The funny thing is Collins didn't have that much money to his name when he died, so the family had to hold a fundraiser.

The results of their efforts were captured in the video below.


Dobermans and kittens seem about as likely a pairing as a Mitt Romney-Barack Obama golf outing.

But a baby cat named Pancake had some fun with a dog about 10 times his size, and it looked Pancake got the better end of the deal.

What do you expect? The dog's name is Sugar Tree.

This is a priceless 90 seconds worthy of four or five replays, at the very least.


File this under things that happen when intelligent people have too much time on their hands.

Two British gents cut watermelons in half with – no, not a knife – rubber bands, and they were courteous enough to provide slow-motion replays.

Savor the rhetoric after such a brilliant display of physics:

"Do you reckon if you did that to a human head, eventually it would cave in?"

"Eventually, yeah."

Frankly, we're astonished at the brilliance of such a bad idea.


Finally, someone chose to cover something other than Call Me Maybe, and the object is possibly the most overrated and most assuredly over-hyped athlete in the last decade.

A Knicks fan laments the departure of Jeremy Lin to the Rockets in a soulful tribute that is equally hilarious and creepy.

But at the risk of bursting your bubble, guy, the Knicks' only hope of a title is with a Harvard graduate running the front office, not the pick-and-roll.


What do deployed Marines do when they're not patrolling, training and trying to stay hydrated?

Sleep? No. Eat? That's for loser civilians.

They make an awesome cover of Call Me Maybe.

You knew it was going to happen at some point.


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