Chaos in Colorado hits home

It's WLOX News Director Brad Kessie. Like you, we've been fixated on the chaos in Colorado. And we're asking the same questions you are. Why did somebody walk into a movie theater and start shooting anybody and everybody? And will the Aurora shooting spree impact security measures at our movie theaters?

Danielle Thomas and Terrance Friday are working on those stories. You'll see what they found out throughout the night on WLOX News.

For the latest on the Colorado shooting spree, be sure you visit One of the stories you'll find is a link to the radio calls between police officers and dispatchers. On one of the recordings, you hear an officer say, "I've got people running out of the theater. They're shot."

In another call minutes later, an officer who entered the theater yells, "I've got seven down in theater nine. Seven down." Click here and you'll hear almost 30 minutes of tense talk between officers as they tried to secure the scene, and capture the shooting suspect.

Most of those puppies taken from a Stone County property now have new homes. Today, the Humane Society of South Mississippi allowed people to adopt the animals. And you should have seen the crowd lined up to take home a cute little puppy.

Brett Favre may be returning to football. has learned Favre is about to be named the offensive coordinator at Oak Grove High School. Oak Grove is near Favre's home. It's where Favre stages his annual camp. It's also where he trained each summer while trying to determine if he would play in the NFL, or retire. A.J. Giardina has the latest on Favre's future on WLOX News at 10:00.

Have a great weekend.