WLOX Editorial: If you don't recycle, why don't you?

Do you recycle? According to a report our news department recently did, only about 15 percent of people in Harrison County and its five cities put out the blue recycle bins each week. Our question to you is why don't you recycle? It is a way to keep paper, plastic, cans and bottles out of our landfills.

Recycling also preserves our natural resources. Instead of cutting down a tree to make boxes or other paper goods, recycled materials can be used.

Advanced Disposal handles curbside recycling in Harrison County. A spokesman says in the past several years, more and more people are recycling and the trend growing.

Recycling is available in Harrison and Jackson Counties. It is limited in Hancock County to just a few dumpsters where recyclable items can be taken. We urge you to start recycling if you aren't currently.

Remember everything not recycled goes into a landfill where the material will stay for years. Landfills take up space. Recycling is an easy way for each of us to be better stewards of the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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