Harrison Co. upgrades drainage in North Gulfport

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Some fierce thunderstorms moved through South Mississippi on Thursday causing problems in those same areas that always seem to flood. One of those places was a North Gulfport neighborhood. However, residents said they have reason to be optimistic that many of their flooding headaches will soon be over.

Harrison County is doing drainage work on the west side of Highway 49. Residents said they hope the county will continue to make improvements.  As the rain continued to fall, Lizzie Martin continued to worry that the water would continue to rise and eventually surround her North Gulfport home.

"Every time it rains hard I cannot get out of my house. It floods all the way from the ditch to my front porch," said Martin.

Harrison County is replacing drainage pipes and putting in new side walks on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. Neighbors said flooding gets so bad when it rains hard that children are forced to walk in the street because the sidewalks are impassable.

Martin said, "I think it's wonderful. I think it's one of the best things that ever happened to North Gulfport, because the children need somewhere to walk whenever they're waiting on the bus. In the morning times, they stand in the street."

"When the rain comes down hard, it really floods a lot here," said resident Dwayne Walker. "I think that it's a great job that they're doing here, but they need to hurry up. Hurry up and get it done."

County Supervisor William Martin said this latest drainage work is part of a large scale upgrade in North Gulfport that has been going on for the last year and a half.

"I wish they would consider doing a little bit more work on this corner, on this street, as far as drainage is concerned," Lizzie Martin said. "We need culverts in the ditch and I think they'll consider that because I know Mr. Martin. He is really good about helping out in this neighborhood. "

Harrison County Supervisor William Martin said a grant is paying for the upgrades on Martin Luther King Junior Drive and the work should be finished in a few months.

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