Residents want voice heard regarding county financial woes

PEARL RIVER COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Pearl River County Supervisors have already slashed more than $78,000 from various organizations and county employees must take furloughs one day every pay period. Still, the budget must be cut more and residents want their voices heard on how.

Concerned Resident Joseph Dodd said, "There are things in the core of the budget they won't touch, yet and that's what needs to happen."

Dodd said he offered his suggestions at a recent board meeting, but nothing was done. He believes supervisors should look closer to home.

"First off, their positions pay $45,000 a year, plus a car, plus a cell phone. And they need to be leaders and have leadership and cut their budgets," Dodd said.

Dodd has had an overwhelming response since putting up signs announcing a town meeting he organized for Thursday evening. He said the meeting is not about attacking supervisors, it is about discussing solutions.

Harold Morris plans to attend. "The most important thing is to make sure they are good stewards of the money, take the opinion of the people," Morris said.

Morris has offered personal financial support to the library, which he hopes will ease the burden of the cuts supervisors have been forced to make.

"Anyone as an individual can abrogate their responsibility to help a fellow man and put it off on government or they can step up to the plate," Morris said.

Dodd said, "It's not us against them on certain issues, but being held accountable. That's the way it is designed, the citizens holding officials accountable."

None of the supervisors wanted to discuss the meeting which was set for 7pm Thursday at the First Baptist Church in Picayune.

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