Gas Sales Halted At Certain Stations Until Tests Complete

Some of you already know this first-hand, but 32 of the coast's 38 Texaco and Shell stations have not been selling regular and medium-grade gasoline this weekend.

That's because Shell Oil is conducting tests on the gasoline, which came from a refinery in Norco, Louisiana.

The investigation was prompted after some coast residents called the oil company, complaining that their fuel gauges were not functioning properly after fueling up at locations along the coast.

Until the test results are complete, these filling stations are selling premium gas at a discounted price.

The Shell station at Highway 90 and Veterans Boulevard was just one stop Jesse Simmons, his wife, and a friend made during their Memorial Day vacation on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

"We love to come up here and gamble a little bit, try our luck," Jesse Simmons said.

They say they've about broken even at the casinos, but they caught a break at this Biloxi gas station.

"According to the little signs they're out of regular and mid-grade, and they have premium, but they're selling it at the price of regular gas, so, I guess that's a good deal. A little bit more for your money, I guess," Simmons said.

Alabama visitor Robert Powell decided to fill up when he found out he could get premium grade gas at this station for only $1.92 a gallon.

He says it was much cheaper than any other place he's stopped at for gas during his travels.

"It cost me, I paid $2.35 for premium, so I got down here and found it was a little bit different than the Alabama prices," Powell said.

The Shell station at Highway 90 and Veterans Boulevard in Biloxi is just one of 32 gas stations in the area that is selling premium grade fuel at the cost of regular gasoline.

Prices at these pumps will remain the same until these pumps will remain the same until these stations are resupplied with regular to mid-grade gasoline that does not affect fuel gauges.

As for the Simmons, they didn't seem to mind the limited choices at this filling station.

They believe they caught a break, and now, they're hoping for another.

"If we could do that good at casinos we'd be doing great," Jesse Simmons said.

A spokesperson for the Shell Oil company has the company will not know what the root of the problem is until the tests are complete.

No word yet on when that will be.

If you have purchased fuel from a local Shell or Texaco station in the past few days and have experienced problems with your gas gauge, you are encouraged to call the Motiva Enterprises's customer service center at 1-877-825-2467.