RV Owners Ignore Record Gas Prices

Danny Pickering is part of a group that calls itself the Iron Warriors. The Warriors are a bunch of Baton Rouge firemen and policemen. They're also RV owners, and Harley owners. And they're Memorial Day regulars at Gulfport's San Beach RV park.

"We always make the trip," Pickering said, because his group attends the All Harley Memorial Day Blowout. "Baton Rouge is 150 miles. What's $75 worth of gas to come over here and have a good time."

The last time Pickering filled his camper, gas prices were barely more than a buck. This time, "I went to fill up and it cost $1.97 a gallon," he laughed. "It cost $125 for 60 gallons. But it's one of those things. Just got to cut back somewhere else."

Despite record gas prices, very few RV owners canceled their holiday reservations at coast campgrounds.

"I get a week off a year. And I'm going to go. Whatever it costs," Steve Girard said, after returning from the campground's laundry room.

Because of the high gas prices, the Illinois family has cut back on some of its extra spending, "cook more back here at the camp instead of going out to eat. Save a little bit of money that way," Girard said.

So far, campground manager Eileen Della Penna says her park was weathering the gas hike just fine.

"I think people save for vacations," she said. "They're willing to go the extra few dollars and pay for it."

At a Biloxi campground, everybody had their fingers crossed. They were hoping four gas price related cancellations this weekend weren't the beginning of a long summer. Bill Mooney owns the Highway 90 RV park.

"The gas goes up, the insurance goes up, the taxes go up, but the customers go down," he said. "Then you're in trouble."

Fortunately, the only trouble Mooney had on Friday was finding enough places to park all his RV guests.

According to the AAA Motor Club, the average price for a gallon of gas in Mississippi is $1.94. A year ago, it was just $1.37.