Police Arrest Car Jacking Suspect

Police made a quick arrest Tuesday following an armed car jacking at Edgewater Mall.

An elderly woman was assaulted outside "Sears" around nine in the morning.. Minutes later, police had the suspect in custody.

It was undoubtedly a frightening few moments for the elderly victim. She was attacked while returning to her car.

"Apparently an elderly female, a local resident, was at "Sears" and pulled up in the drive through, exited her vehicle to check the times for the opening and closing of the store. Upon returning to her vehicle, she was attacked by this gentleman, who of course we have in custody at this time," said officer David Prahl with the Biloxi Police Department.

Quick, cooperative police work led to the arrest. Biloxi police broadcast a description of the stolen car and suspect. The suspect tried heading west on Highway 90, but did not get far.

"A description was placed out. A Gulfport police officer observed a vehicle traveling westbound on 90, got behind the vehicle, did a traffic stop. The description matched. And at this point we have one in custody," said Biloxi officer, Charles Britt.

The man in custody is 31 year old William Pernell Holbert from Woodsworth, Louisiana. Police also recovered both the stolen car and a hand gun. It took just 11 minutes from the initial cal to the suspect's arrest.

Unfortunately, the busy holiday season also means increased opportunity for criminals. Even if you're in a crowded shopping center in the middle of the day, police say you must still be aware of your surroundings.

Criminals can try and ruin your holiday season. This time, police interrupted the plan.