WLOX Editorial: Take a vacation in our state

This is the time that many folks in South Mississippi plan a vacation with the family. So this year where are you heading?  In this fragile economy, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant says he has the perfect answer for you, a family vacation in our state.

The governor says there is nothing better for families than putting all the kids in the car and taking them to the Mississippi Gulf Coast or other areas in our state. We agree with the governor and hope many families will vacation this summer in South Mississippi.

Now for those of us who live on the coast, we've said it before, the best way you can help our state's economy is by vacationing at home and enjoying our tourist attractions. Or you can explore other parts of Mississippi. From visiting the battlefields in Vicksburg to visiting the B. B. King Museum in Indianola, our state offers so much to do and see.

While it is important to bring tourists into our state and area to help spur our tourism industry, it is just as important for each of our us to spend some of our vacation money and time enjoying the many wonderful attractions that our beautiful state has to offer.

That's our opinion, we would like to hear yours. Email your thoughts to editorials@wlox.com, or post your comments below.

David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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