End Of Education Era In Biloxi

A class of Kindergartners danced to a fun tune Wednesday: "Thumbs up, elbows back, feet apart".

Their teacher, Connie Moore, also sang along as she squeezed in one final lesson on the last day of school. Gorenflo Elementary teachers and students have been temporarily using the Howard Two building for classes. Teachers like Moore have strong ties to the old school.

Moore said "It survived Hurricane Camille. A lot of people here were stranded up on the third floor of the building".

Now, Howard Two is closing its doors. Moore said "It's sad. I taught here for 24 years. I've been here for so many years, and it's home".

That sadness mixed with excitement as teachers packed-up the books, supplies, and memories, and got ready to move to the new school.

Moore said "We are thrilled about the new school. We'll have so many wonderful things we didn't have here at Howard Two".

Fellow teacher Naomi Foster is also eager to move on, but finds it hard to leave a building that's been close to her heart. Foster said "It's very sentimental for me because I started my career in this building, and I will always love this building and this school. It's a beautiful building".

There is some uncertainty as to what will happen to this school once the teachers and children leave. But one thing is for sure. The teachers want the building preserved for generations to come.

Moore said "I would like it turned into maybe a children's museum or maybe the city could purchase it and do something special with it. I certainly don't want to see it torn down".

Foster said "I would like to see children still be able to come into this building and use it for some type of activity".

The students and teachers will start school at the new Gorenflo Elementary on Lameuse Street in August.

By: Trang Pham-Bui