July 5th not pretty for coast beaches

It's WLOX News Director Brad Kessie.  Have you seen the picture of our shoreline posted on WLOX.com today?

It's not a postcard that tourism leaders relish. The fifth of July shows the scars left behind by Fourth of July revelers. Trash is all over the sand. And sand beach workers are doing what they can to spruce up beach.

But picking up the garbage takes time. How long? Would you believe it may take three weeks to get the beach back in picture perfect condition?

Steve Phillips has the story on WLOX.com and on WLOX News at 6:00.

What about that surveillance video from a Brandon, Mississippi convenience store?  Have you see it yet? If not, watch WLOX News at 6:00 or visit WLOX.com. It's got the entire country talking.

What you see is a man pull out a gun and point it toward a convenience store clerk. The gun toting suspect's robbery attempt is foiled - by his mother. That's right, his mom grabs the gun and orders her son out of the store. What happens next? Watch the news at six and find out.

You've probably heard the NFLPA is taking the league to court over the suspensions levied against four Saints in the bounty gate scandal. A.J. Giardina explains what that means on WLOX News at 6:00.

I'll write you tomorrow.  Have a great night.