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Pastor's conference for 'White Christians' underway

The Christian Identity Ministries held a meeting for "white Christians" only. The Christian Identity Ministries held a meeting for "white Christians" only.

A controversial pastor's conference for "white Christians" is underway in Lamar County.

The group said critics need to allow them to exercise their freedom of religion.

WAFF 48 News went there to ask if they believe their views match what the Bible says.

"The mayor ordered our fliers to be taken down. When did they start religious censorship?" asked Reverend Mel Lewis of Christian Identity Ministries.

Among the Ku Klux Klan flags and white supremacy slogans, a small group of so-called "white Christians" contend they have been treated unfairly - that they have the right, like any other American, to worship how they wish.

"We are not breaking any laws. We're not violating any ordinances. We're bringing the Word of God to people who want it, obviously, or they wouldn't be here," said Lewis.

When asked who white Christians are, Lewis said that "they are part of the chosen race."

Lewis is the founder of Christian Identity Ministries.

We wanted to know if he thought Bible verses that communicate equality contradict an exclusive ideal shared amongst their ministry, that the white race comprises God's chosen ones.

"Well, you've picked out some wonderful verses out of context and out of the direction of Scripture," Lewis said when faced with the question of whether certain Scriptures include everyone - all races.

"All you're doing is making a mockery of God's Word," said Lewis. "You're absolutely abusing the Scripture."

For the last event at this conference on Friday night, they will set a cross on fire. They said it's not a cross-burning, but rather sacred Christian cross lighting.

As with all the other events here, it is open to all white Christians.

Organizers said although there is a strong KKK presence, the Klan did not sponsor the event.

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