Longtime Biloxi eyesore gets another 30 days

It's WLOX News Director Brad Kessie. The Biloxi City Council is giving Jay Love 30 more days to salvage the old White House Hotel. If a cleanup plan can't be approved by next month, Councilman Clark Griffith says Biloxi should tear down the vacant eyesore.

The White House is one of the blighted properties in Biloxi the city wants cleaned up or demolished before a state law runs out.

Grand Casino got the same 30 day extension. Its parent company bought the old Casino Magic property in east Biloxi. But, it hasn't done anything to fix the Casino Magic hotel tower since Katrina.

Today, Grand's GM told the council a plan was moving forward to make the necessary repairs to the tower so it complies with city codes.

It's almost hard to believe we're just three months from Cruisin the Coast. And today, we learned the cruisers will likely have a new place to hang out. Pass Christian aldermen vote tonight on a plan to invite early bird car buffs to a Monday afternoon block party. It's a pretty good idea. The cruisers can go to Pass Christian for lunch, and then drive over to Long Beach that night for the traditional kickoff parade.

This reminder, the Fourth of July holiday means a lot more traffic on south Mississippi roads. Starting tonight, police will beef up their patrols to help keep you safe over the busy holiday.

By the way, city fireworks displays start in just a few hours. Ocean Springs launches its pyrotechnics show tonight. The other fireworks shows are on the Fourth of July.

For a list of where you can see fireworks, click here. The link will take you to our community pages at WLOX.com.

Have a safe holiday.  I'll talk with you again on Thursday.