Abandoned Baby's Mother Could Still Face Charges

District Attorney Cono Caranna says the mother who abandoned her baby, could get up to seven years in prison, but right now, he hasn't decided whether the woman will be charged at all.

The baby boy was found wrapped in towels last Wednesday outside a door at St. Matthews Lutheran Church in downtown Gulfport. The baby was taken to Memorial Hospital, and the mother came forward to police on Saturday.

Caranna says the child's future is in the hands of the youth court.

"My primary consideration today is to allow the youth court an opportunity to make its determinatin in the privacy the child and the person or persons awarded custody are entitled."

Caranna says under state law, child abandonment is a felony, punishable by seven years in prison. But he says he'll wait until the Department of Human Services has finished investigating, and the Youth Court has ruled, before deciding whether the mother will face charges.