Crime On The Decline In Moss Point

Despite losing 13 officers within the last year, the crime rate is going down in Moss Point. Reports filed by the Moss Point Police Department show significant decreases in the number of homicides, rapes and property thefts.

The decline in crime hasn't gone unnoticed.

"It seems they have everything under control because crime is down, in comparison. And where ever they're needed, they're there," said Doris Currie a Moss Point Business owner.

"There's a lot less crime activity going on," says Yoshika Butler. "They stopped a lot of the burglaries down on Main Street."

Many community leaders credit the lowered crime rate to the city's Police Chief Michael Ricks.

"He's brought an aire of professionalism back to the Moss Point Police Department and integrity, fairness and responsibility and I appreciate that," says Reverend David Mathews of the Manna From Heaven Church.

"The bottom line is that the services that are being offered by the department are far greater than the services provided prior to Chief Ricks' arrival," said Curly Clark President of the Moss Point-Pascagoula Branch of the NAACP.

Chief Ricks says he wants to make Moss Point a safe place to live. So far he's been able to do that, although the department is seriously undermanned. Despite all the problems at hand, Ricks says he's confident the department will continue to move in a positive direction.

"I know the Police Department is moving in a positive direction and that's moving the city in a positive direction," said Chief Michael Ricks.

by Josh Ridgdell