Jackson County Civil Defense Director Named

"I've always been in the trenches doing the work, so it's kind of new to be looking at organizing the work," Butch Loper said.

Butch Loper is the new Jackson County Civil Defense Director. He just found out yesterday that he got the job but is already almost finished packing his supplies and ready to start Monday.

"I just want to get my feet in there and find out where we're at and get our hurricane stuff prepared immediately," Loper said.

Alan Sudduth has been interim director for the past month. While he admits there's still a lot of work to do before hurricane season starts, he's helping Loper make sure enough shelters are in place if a hurricane strikes .

"Everything is under control," Alan Sudduth, the County Administrator said. "Like I said, we've got places that we've had in the past for the last several years that are already there and already ready."

But Loper knows when emergencies happen, he'll now be the one to take control.

"With storm events you never know because they're unpredictable," Loper said. "All you can do is prepare to be as prepared as possible."

So as Butch Loper says goodbye to his current co-workers at the Jackson County Road Maintenance Department, he knows he's off to a job now to protect Jackson County residents when disaster strikes.

By: Claire Nelson