Orange Barrels Coming To Highway 90 Biloxi

The summer tourist season will see the arrival of construction crews and those familiar orange barrels in East Biloxi.

A major repaving project means several weeks of road work on one of the busiest and bumpiest stretches of Highway 90, including Casino Row.

Many drivers will no doubt remember their frustrations during the Highway 90 repaving in Ocean Springs or in Gulfport before that. This time the focus is a nearly four mile stretch between the Ocean Springs bridge and Beau Rivage.

Thousands of drivers may welcome a smoother road, but they'll also face several weeks of inconvenience and delays.

The often bumpy ride down Highway 90 in East Biloxi, should be much smoother by the end of summer. M-DOT is finalizing plans to repave a 3-point-8 mile section of the much traveled highway.

"We will be letting a project and probably within a month we'll be receiving bids to let a project to repave Highway 90 from the Ocean Springs bridge through Biloxi," said transportation commissioner, Wayne Brown.

"I'm on the highway everyday. And there's a few little spots there I'd like to see fixed," said August Taconi.

Taconi runs the Biloxi Tour Train and welcomes the repaving plan. Some sections of Highway 90,. especially around the culverts, are in pretty bad shape.

"That's a good idea. I was always wondering if they were going to come back and finish that job. I think some temporary work was done some years ago. But it will be good to have it back," he explained.

The orange cones and construction crews will obviously bring some inconvenience and driver frustrations this summer. But M-DOT will try and keep those problems to a minimum. The contract will require that most of the paving work will be done at night.

More than 45 thousand cars a day now travel Highway 90 in East Biloxi. Extra traffic means new pavement wears down faster.

"We have some bad spots on 90. That really needs it, particularly around this section right here in mid town, it's taken a lot of beating," said Biloxi mayor, A.J. Holloway.

New asphalt means traffic, like the tour train, won't have to dodge the bad spots.

"From casino row to the harbor. Those culvert areas. You've got to stay toward the center of the road, or you could throw somebody out of here," said Taconi.

Again, the contract for the repaving project will be awarded sometime next month. We can't tell you exactly when the work will begin, but Commissioner Brown said it will be sometime this summer.