Coast Guard Seizes Catch Of Shrimp Boat In Mississippi Gulf

The Coast Guard seized 10,000 pounds of shrimp from a boat in the Mississippi Gulf of Mexico due to violations of federal safety procedures.

The Coast Guard said a crew went to help officers with the state Department of Marine Resources on Thursday.

The DMR had reported that the crew of the 79-foot shrimping vessel Mariachi, homeported in Brownsville, Texas, was being uncooperative in providing commercial fishing documentation. The Coast Guard said several attempts to retrieve the boat's fishing nets were unsuccessful.

The Coast Guard said a boarding team observed several safety violations including more than 200 gallons of oil in the bilge, expired flares, unusable life jackets and an improperly installed emergency position indicating radion beacon.

The Coast Guard said the Mariachi was escorted to Pascagoula on Friday.

The Mariachi's 10,000 pounds of shrimp were sold at a local fish house and the money turned over to the National Marine Fisheries Service because the nets used to catch the shrimp lacked federally required marine conservation equipment such as Turtle Excluder Devices (TEDs) and Bycatch Reduction Devices (BRDs), the Coast Guard said, The Coast Guard said an investigation is continuing.

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