Coast Church Moves To A New Home

After about 75 years in the old church, downtown members of First Baptist Biloxi have officially relocated the church to Popps Ferry Road.  On Sunday more than 1,000 people sat in on the first services to be held inside the newly built first church.

The new $11 million building has definite advantages including more parking, overhead screens and more elbow room. Members stress that the message is still the same as it was downtown. They haven't forgotten their motto "Beaming the light of the gospel to the ends of the earth". Only they will use their church steeple instead of the Biloxi lighthouse as their symbol.

"Our insignia I guess you could call it was the lighthouse because we were on the beach," Pastor-elect Chip Stevens said. "Now as we are north of the bay, our insignia is our steeple that what we use on our brochures and stuff as that. If you'll notice now that on I-10 at night the steeple is lit and you can see it for miles around and that symbolizes what we are to do shinning the light of the gospel."

Members of First Baptist Church also received an added surprise. Church officials announced that the church only owes about $400,000 to finish paying for the entire project.

by Danielle Thomas