Harrison County Fairgrounds Goes to the Horses

"Mr. Ed" and "Black Beauty" are not only famous horses, they're also famous Americans-American Saddlebreds that is.

The breed is featured at Mississippi Gulf Coast Spring Classic.

"The American Saddlebred is such a versatile horse. It's very athletic, very intelligent. It's a people oriented horse. It likes to please people," Lezlie Costelli said.

The Mississippi American Saddlebred Association is hosting one of the first horse shows in the state dedicated to showing the beauty of the American saddlebred.

Organizers want to educate the public on this elegant American treasure.

"One interesting bit of their history is nearly all of the generals in the Civil War, both in the Confederate Army and in the United States Federal Army, were riding American saddlebreds. They wanted to be able to see over their troops to see what was happening across the battlefield, so they chose American saddlebreds, because they are longer-legged and if you stand in your stirrups, then you have quite a good field of vision across your troops," announcer Sharon Woodfield said.

Not only were these horses good for military generals, they are also good enough for 11-year-old Taylor LaFargue.

LaFargue has been riding saddlebreds since she was 6-years-old. She says she doesn't have any interest in riding any other type.

"I think they're a little bit gentler and they're funner to ride," LaFargue said.

You can see these American beauties this wekend if you head over to the Harrison County Fairgrounds.

The horse show begins Friday evening 6:30, then again Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m..

Admission is free.

By: Karla Redditte