Watch Bello Nock's death defying highwire walk

It's WLOX News Director Brad Kessie. Like many of you, I was in the crowd across from Beau Rivage today. I wanted to watch Bello Nock teeter on a tightrope 32 stories above me.  I wasn't disappointed. It was cool to watch the daredevil balance on a wire suspended across the front of the Biloxi resort.

Click here to watch our video of the entire lunchtime walk on And you'll hear from Bello about his amazing feat throughout the night on WLOX News.

What did you think about the walk?  Trang Pham Bui was also in the crowd.  She talked with Bello fans before and after he dazzled them.  You'll hear their impressions on WLOX News at 6:00.

Tonight, the family of Jaren Lockhart says one final goodbye to the New Orleans woman. Visitation for the murdered dancer was this afternoon. Her funeral is tonight.

As for the investigation, we're learning evidence collected so far has been shipped to the FBI headquarters in Virginia. At this point, two people are in custody. But neither one has been charged with stabbing Lockhart, cutting apart her body, and somehow tossing the remains into the Mississippi Sound.

Remember all that debate about whether to tear down the old Pascagoula High School? Supporters of the old school found a way to save the property. Today, their efforts paid dividends. A development team came in and transformed classrooms into a senior living complex.

You need to keep an eye on the tropics tonight. There's a 50% chance some weather down in the Caribbean will develop into a tropical disturbance. Mike, Carrie, Tommy and the 24/7 Weather team are keeping close tabs on the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. You can do the same thing by downloading our WLOX 24/7 Weather app on your Android devices, iPhones and iPads.

Everything you need to know about hurricane season can be found on the app, on, and on WLOX News. Have a great night.