Bittersweet Goodbyes For Gulfport Students and Teachers

"I need everybody to sit quiet and freeze," yelled Mrs. Darlene Warren.

The teacher had to raise her voice to get her students' attention Wednesday. It was hard to control a class of excited first graders, especially on the last day of school at Anniston Elementary.

"Listen to me. This is going to be our last moment together and I'm going to miss you so much all summer long."

The youngsters spent their final time together sharing some sweet memories.

Mrs. Warren asked her students, "What was your favorite thing?"

They all screamed, "Going out to recess!"

Haley Gunter had mixed emotions about leaving first grade behind and her teacher Mrs. Warren.

Haley read from her journal, "My favorite thing that I did was stay with Mrs. Warren. I'll miss Mrs. Warren, because she's done a lot for me and taught me how to read".

But Haley is also looking forward to a fun-filled summer.

"We're going to go to Gulf Shores and we're going to stay for a whole week and we're going to get a dog."

It was also a bittersweet moment for Mrs. Warren. She's retiring and Wednesday was her last day of teaching.

"I'm just over the edge. I'm full of emotions. It's been a wonderful, fabulous time here at Anniston. I learned a lot about myself. I just love the children, and they know how much I love them."

Emotions overflowed for both Mrs. Warren and her students as the children lined up and said good-bye.

As they hugged, Mrs. Warren told the children ,"No tears. We're going to be all happy I know".

Schools in Mississippi are letting out this week and next. The earliest was Tuesday in Brookhaven. The latest is next Friday.