Hancock County Sheriff's Office Getting Crowded

Sheriff's officials say they have completely exulted every inch of space available in the building. They've even converted a storage closet into an office for one investigator.

"We have one investigator working out of a shower and locker facility," Chief Administrator Ronnie Cuevas said.

Those investigators may work in cramped quarters but at least they have office space. Investigator Rita Blaize Watson works out of a desk in the reception lobby.

"It's like working in grand central station," Investigator Rita Blaize-Watson said.  "There is no privacy.  If I have to interview somebody, I have to borrow someone else's office. It's stressful. It's busy.  People think I'm a secretary or a book keeper."

Sheriff's officials have asked County Supervisors to build an addition onto the building for office space.

"To extend the front of this facility about 15 feet forward would create four offices here and 2 more in the existing lobby," Cuevas said.

Cuevas says adding six new offices will take care of the departments immediate needs, but does nothing to address its future space needs.  The addition and renovation is expected to cost around $170,000.

County supervisors told sheriff's officials that they would consider their request.  But they also say a possible alternative is to include more office space in a courthouse renovation plan that is currently on the drawing board.

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