Cop Killer Up for Parole

David Bruce Ladner stopped Anita Kresic and her boyfriend Tracey Allen Hansen on 1-10 in Harrison County on April 10, 1987. Hansen pulled the trigger, was convicted, and is on death row.

Kresic is going before the parole board for a second time asking to be released. Ladner's family will meet Monday with the parole board and they'll take with them dozens of petitions, letters and resolutions to give to the parole board.They all ask that Kresic not be considered for release.

amon Ladner, the victim's son says, "I want them to realize that if they were to turn her out tomorrow, it would be like a slap in the face to the law enforcement community and their family members," Damon Ladner, the victim's son, said.

His younger brother Brandon feels the same.

"We don't think she should ever get out, definitely not after 14 years," Brandon Ladner said.  "We sought the death penalty on her.  We got life in prison.  We're satisfied, and we just want to keep her in prison for life."

Ladner was just 33 years old when he was killed. He was a nine-year veteran of the Mississippi Highway Patrol. When their father died, Brandon was 11, and  Damon was 13. Both were very close to their dad and his death devastated them.

"It's hard to deal with," Damon Ladner said.  "It's changed our life overnight. It's totally put a different outlook on my life."

Brandon Ladner said, "I knew my father as a good friend, and it was a stage where I was just startin' to become a young man, a young teenager. My brother pretty much took over that role."

When they killed Ladner, Kresic and Hansen were on the run from Florida, wanted by police on various charges. Damon and Brandon believe that if Kresic is set free, she will do anything to stay that way.

"When she gets back on the road again and commits any type of crime again, she's not gonna wanna go back to jail again since she's on parole," Brandon Ladner says.  "I think they need to keep in mind that she will do anything to to keep from going back to jail."

Kresic was charged with capital murder and tried in Warren County on a change of venue. Prosecutors pushed for the death penalty but the jury gave Kresic life.  Kresic was imprisoned before the 1995 law that requires inmates to serve 85-percent of their sentence.