Business Booming In Pascagoula

The sound of a cash register is becoming very familiar to folks in Pascagoula. Just over the last six months several new businesses have opened.

Sav Rex Drugs in Pascagoula just had its ribbon cutting, and store managers say it's been busy since the day they opened.

"It has been booming, it really has," Paul Clark of Sav Rex drugs said.   "We had a big lunch crowd, and the pharmacy is doing well, so we're real happy, and people seem to be enjoying it."

Lowe's in Pascagoula opened in July. There are several new businesses near the store, and that helps bring even more dollars their way.

"With all the businesses opening, we're definitely seeing more foot traffic off of the businesses that are opening up around us," Lowe's employee Chris Roberson said. "People in that foot traffic say their excited about having the conveyance of shopping at home."

Businesses aren't the only ones enjoying all the new stores in the area.  The new stores are not only bringing in extra revenue, but also extra choices for consumers.

"It's much easier to be able to just run across the street, and make your purchase and be back home in about five minutes," coast resident Diane Waters said.

City leaders hope folks outside the area also take advantage of the retail shopping.

"That will be a draw into the Pascagoula area by others from outside the area," Pascagoula Mayor Joe Cole said.  "They'll bring dollars and bring their shopping to Pascagoula, and so that's good for us in that regard."

And it's also good for the entire community.