Sewage Construction Begins in 60 Days

Residents in Woolmarket will soon see signs of progress on sewage treatment.

Construction on a $1.5 million elevated water tank will begin in the next 60 days.

Biloxi City leaders were briefed on another part of that service plan. It involves directing Woolmarket sewage to the Eagle Point sewerage treatment lagoon.

Some Eagle Point residents and council members had expressed concern that the lagoon couldn't handle the additional flow.

Project engineer Harry Griffith told the council that with some modifications the facility will eventually handle up to 300,000 gallons a day.

Griffith says that's only step one of the overall plan for handling the area's wastewater.

Long range plans call for the construction of a transmission line along I-10, which will run from Woolmarket and Eagle Point to the Gulfport North Treatment Plant.