Fate Of Jones Children Still Uncertain

The parents of three runaway children were in court Tuesday in Pascagoula to learn what will happen to their kids in the immediate future. Judge Larry Wilson made a temporary custody ruling, but that information is not being released to the public.

13-year-old Timothy Jones and his sisters, 11-year-old Felisha and 9-year-old Sierra, have been in state custody since they were found Friday almost 300 miles away in Kosciusko. The children had been missing for five days.

None of the kids was in court for Tuesday's hearing. Both parents left the courtroom visibly upset.

The father, Timothy Jones, would only say that the judge told him he'd be charged with a misdemeanor if he released any information about Tuesday's proceedings.

Judge Larry Wilson did tell us that this most recent decision is only temporary. It only addresses where the children will be housed while the case continues.

Wilson said both Jones and the children's mother, Sherry Williams, should be able to see the children sometime this week.

In a strange twist, there is an arrest warrant out for Timothy Jones. Police say he drove by his ex sister in law's house in Jackson County and yelled, "you won't get my kids."

Jones hasn't been served with the papers yet, but say he knows of the misdemeanor charge.