Long Beach Woman Dedicates Memorial Garden

She began the project nearly 20 years ago. And today, a Long Beach woman dedicated her memorial garden.

Beatrice Collins is celebrating her 82nd birthday. She invited a small group of friends to help dedicate the garden she began building back in 1981.

The garden surrounds her home on Troutman Avenue, just a block off the beach.

A variety of plants, statues and stones decorate the grounds.

She created the garden in memory of her parents.

"It has been something that I've loved doing," Collins said.  "My mother always loved flowers. In fact, I don't think we ever had a meal without a flower on the table. Do I have any more plans? No. Except that I guess it will always keep money and labor to keep it up. A garden is never finished you know."

A variety of friends have helped Miss Collins plant and build her "memorial garden" over the years. It remains a work in progress, but she calls that work a true "labor of love."