Jones Children Still In State Custody

It will be at least Tuesday before the Jones children are reunited with their parents.

Judge Larry Wilson postponed a hearing Monday until he talks to 13 year old Timothy, 11 year old Felisha and nine year old Sierra Jones. The judge wants to figure out why the three ran away from their father's home on Mother's Day.

For now, the children remain in the custody of the Department of Human Services.

Their father, Timothy Jones, showed up at the courthouse hoping to take his children home. Jones has custody of the children, but neither he nor his ex-wife was allowed to see them Monday.

Outside the courthouse, the parents exchanged allegations and theories about why the children ran away.

The children's mother Sherrie Williams told their father, "They're not with you to be treated bad or to talk bad to or to hurt."

Timothy Jones defended himself saying, "Those allegations in the past have been proven to be unfounded, and no validity to them at all. The first question I asked is if I could talk to my kids today, and I was told I couldn't."

After a five day search that brought volunteers from all over South Mississippi, the children turned up Friday 280 miles away in Kosciusko, at their maternal aunt's home. They told authorities they hitch-hiked, but police are still investigating.

Meanwhile, Judge Wilson could not comment on when he will meet with the Jones children. He has ordered a hearing for 4:00 p.m. Tuesday.