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"Significant" Meth bust made in Jackson County

Robert Mallette. Image source: Jackson County Sheriff's Department. Robert Mallette. Image source: Jackson County Sheriff's Department.

When narcotics officers arrived at a home in Vancleave on Wednesday, what they found was shocking even for them. 

"As they progressed with their search, after they got their search warrant and everything, they found a total of nine labs and 16 HCL generators, hydrochloric acid generators. Found some meth and also found a lot of waste," Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd said.  

Forty-year-old Robert Mallette is behind bars. Byrd said he was arrested without putting up a fight, but officers were careful anyway.

"He has a pretty good operation going. It was evident that he had been doing it for awhile plus we believe he was dangerous because he was under the influence of meth, we believe at that time," Byrd recalled.

With any meth bust this size, the waste left behind poses a public danger.  

"We got the clean-up crew that came in. The hazardous waste clean-up people came in and they did a complete clean-up job. They loaded all the meth labs and everything and the generators and that stuff has been taken to the crime lab," Byrd said. 

The key ingredient in making meth is Sudafed and it can't be bought in Mississippi without a prescription. Byrd said, Mallette found a way around that and the investigation isn't over.

"He did go into Alabama to pick up some Sudafed. There's another suspect that we're looking for at this time that we believe was involved in transferring the Sudafed from Alabama to Mississippi," Byrd said. 

Mallette is being held in the Jackson County jail pending an initial court hearing. If convicted of the charges, he could be sentenced to 120 years in prison and fined more than $2 million.

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