Community Reacts To Lost Children Being Found

As Candice Padgett helped her daughter pick out a toy, she said she's thankful to know the three missing Pascagoula children have finally been found.

"I just keep mine close to me and pray it never happens to me," Padgett said.

Padgett has four children all close in age to the Jones children.

"I don't let my kids out of my sight hardly," Padgett said.

"It's just a scary thing to think that your children may have been abducted or whatever the cause may be," she said.

Her husband said he could relate to the parents seeing them on the news this past week pleading for the children's safe return.

"I can't even imagine what it would be like for even one of them to be missing," Randy Padgett said.

Saturday morning as the news spread of the children's return, fliers all over town started coming down. And the fliers left up, had only good news written on them.

"Everybody was pretty relieved," Stephen Beninto, the manager of Chick-Fil-A said.

"Everybody was concerned and keeping up with it. They were just happy they got to take the signs down and it was all over with," Beninto said.

Now, many people are breathing a sigh of relief now that the Jones children have finally been found.

"The number of fliers you see posted around town, I think the community really came together and had a big effort in the search and everything that went along with it," Randy Padgett said.

"The word of mouth and the exposure definitely kept peoples eyes out for these children," Beninto said.

Although the three children have been found, they're in the Department of Human Services custody. There will be a court hearing Monday to determine the fate of the Jones children.