Favre Foundation Raises $500,000 For Charity

Each year, Brett Favre hosts a celebrity golf tournament to raise money for his Favre Forward Foundation. This year's golf tournament was cancelled because of the rain, that didn't stop nationally known football players, musicians and dancers from showing up for the event.

New Orleans Saints wide receiver Joe Horn and his golf teammates still thought the tournament was something to call home about.

Horn said the rain didn't do much to dampen enthusiasm about the event.

"The guys inside act like they're still happy with all the guys around, all of the celebrities haven't left just because it's raining," Horn said.

Some people traveled more than a thousand miles for the tournament, like Green Bay Packers kicker Ryan Longwell.

He says it was a trip worth taking.

"When you're in the spotlight, you are a role model. So, everybody's going to look at your actions, especially little kids. In my personal opinion, I think it's your job to be a class act and give back. I think the Favre's have done that, and I think it's your job as a professional athlete to do that as well," Longwell said.

There were a lot of big name celebrities at the event, but the tournament is to raise money for underprivileged kids and children with special needs, people who are close to Brett's heart.

"I was always around learning disabled children or mentally handicapped children. I just took a liking to them. I always felt like people treated them like an outcast. People didn't have much time for them, and I was always the one who spent time with them," Favre said.

This outlook and charity work is a legacy the Favres hope to pass down for generations to come.

"My goal for this charity is one day when we're retired and too old to do all this work, my daughters will run this foundation," Brett's wife, Deanna, said.

As for the celebrity athletes at this event, they're used to making big plays and big bucks on the playing field, but on this day they raised money for charity, without even taking a swing.

Favre says this weekend's events raised about $500,000 for children's charities.