Wolf River Crests In The Nick Of Time

Joe Feil took a short cut through a marsh to reach his home on the Wolf River.

"This is mine," he said, as he floated through the flood waters. "I affectionately refer to it as Lake Joe."

Feil rents canoes for a living. So paddling up and down the Wolf River is like second nature to him. But even Feil had a little trouble adjusting this week when the river swelled, and it swallowed up Tucker Road, and everything surrounding it.

"Yes it's usually wet," he said. "Just not this wet. It makes things a little more interesting when I want to go to the supermarket or go out to dinner or something like that. I have to get into a canoe to get to my car."

This was the second time this year the Wolf River spilled over its banks. But it wasn't the worst flood he ever endured. That was in 1995.

This flood forced Feil to cancel weekend canoe reservations. So instead of showcasing the river to out-of-town guests -- Feil shuttled neighbors from their water logged homes to dry land.

"This is just like any other day except the flood adds a little, another factor to it," he said.

The Wolf River covered a lot more than just Tucker Road. Bells Ferry Road also looked like a lake. So the road department blocked access to it.

"Frankly, I've seen this river without any water," Feil said. "I've seen the drought that we had a few years ago. I would rather have the water."

This week on the Wolf River, Joe Feil got his wish.