Receding Waters Leave A Mess Behind

Westbound cars veered into the eastbound lane to avoid a big mess. That was the scene on 28th Street in north Long Beach almost 12 hours after the last downpour soaked South Mississippi.

The cars looked a lot like boats sailing through a no wake zone. Water that had once been in Turkey Creek sprayed off tires.

Some of it ended up in Todd Patrick's front and back yards. The 16 year old stayed home from school to help his mom, just in case flood waters seeped through their front door.

"We had to move everything up to the upstairs part," he said, "or just put everything on crates so it wouldn't get wet when the water does come in."

At the point Patrick rowed a small fishing boat around his home, the family dogs and everything else inside were still dry.

"We thought if it was going to get in the house last night," he said, "it would have been really early in the morning. That's why my mother stayed up all night. She was watching the water."

Patrick's mom said she didn't mind having a moat around her house -- as long as the yard was the only thing that got soaked. What she did mind were all the trucks spraying water all over her property.