Biloxi Police Linked To Countywide Radio System

Biloxi police are now a part of the countywide emergency radio system.

The police chief says it was a "seamless transition" to the new communications system. The addition of Biloxi to the 800 radio system means that all police agencies in Harrison County are now connected.

It took nearly 200 radios to equip the city for the upgraded system. The biggest advantage is the ability for public safety agencies to communicate with one another.

"Change the channel on our radio, on the 800 system to the sheriff's department, talk directly to the sheriff's department in their cars. Talk to Pass Christian, in their cars, where in the past we couldn't. We were all on different VHS systems," said Chief Bruce Dunagan.

The police chief says the Biloxi police department will maintain its VHS radio system and use it as a backup if needed.

The Biloxi fire department is still working on connecting to the new radio system.  The department is expected to be up and operating on the countywide system soon.