Frustrated Drivers Endure Cedar Lake Construction

Drivers who travel Cedar Lake Road, need to plan on practicing a little patience right through the holidays.

The Popps Ferry road widening work won't be finished until after the first of the year. It's an inconvenience for motorists and a burden on businesses. Some call it the price of progress. Others are not so kind.

Drivers feel frustrated as they wait in traffic. "It's about time. It's long overdue. They should have done this years ago," one motorist said.

Frustrated drivers are paying the price of progress now. A trip down Cedar Lake means hurry up and wait. It's a sea of construction crews and those all-too-familiar orange and white barrels.

Another driver worried about having enough time for lunch. "It's a big hassle. We've only got 30 minutes to eat, and we're trying to get back to work."

The ongoing work is definitely cutting into the lunch business at a nearby "Sonic" drive in. Simply driving in to the business can be tricky.

"It's been a challenge," Sonic Manager Gerard Singley.  "One day we're closed. One day we're open. The roads, as you can see there today, they cut me off and it's hard for traffic to get in and out. Especially when the working person only has 30 minutes for lunch."

It's a similar story for businesses all along Cedar Lake between Popps Ferry and I-10. Dr. McGrath's pet hospital is feeling the pinch. But the veterinarian says the long term improvements should be well worth the minor inconvenience.

"We've got a problem with our driveway right now," Dr. McGrath said.  "But we can get in and out. Big delivery trucks are having to park next door. But we're doing OK, and it's something the city needs."

As drivers yield to construction crews and work their way through detours, some wonder about all this work. And this waiting. One driver complained, "A pain. It's a real pain. They need to hurry up. They ought to work at night time when there's not as much traffic. Then they'd get a lot more accomplished."