Social Media reshaping the job search in South Mississippi

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - The days of resumes and door to door job hunting are becoming a thing of the past. With a computer and a few clicks of a mouse, job seekers and even employers can now find just what they're looking for thanks to social networking.

Newly married mother Sierra Smith calls herself a social media success story. Last month, she wasn't happy with her old job, so she began looking for a higher paying one.

"Since I have a family to support and I have a little baby, you got to pay bills and get stuff done," Smith said.

She wanted to focus her job hunt. To do that, she explored several social sites, which then led her to Walmart's hiring page.

"I applied for the job and got the call Monday," Smith said. "If you want to look for a job, don't be scared. Go on the internet. You don't have to go to stores anymore, social network is the best."

Social Networking seems to be reshaping the job search across the country.  A JobVille survey shows that one out of six people used social media to get hired. Three of most popular search engines are Facebook (18,400,000), LinkedIn (10,200,00), and Twitter (8,000,000).  Even employers like The City of Pascagoula have also tossed out the old way of doing things for a new recruitment tool.

"We were recently advertising for police officer and part time summer positions, and the first place we posted those jobs were on Facebook."

Public and employee specialist Robin Wood said sites like Facebook help get the word out faster, to more people, saving both time and money.

"That is all we have to do is sit at our computer, type a message, and it is out there and it is free. As soon as we post the jobs online, we get calls, we get emails. The waiting period is nothing now," Wood said.

But not everyone is a fan of using social media to look for jobs; one unemployed, single mom said she prefers the personal connection.

"I feel like that is kind of lost now with the world being so internet savvy. I don't like it."

Nicole Henderson has been looking at job boards on social sites for three months and has hit a dead end.

"You may look on Facebook and there are 75 posted that you can apply through Facebook. If you are not one of the first people, or they don't know you, they have a hard time getting to know you through the internet," said Henderson.

But with social media so popular now, Henderson and the rest of the women said, like it or not, they do have to use this new job searching tool.

"You just conform, try to do the best you can, and you try to keep up with everybody else wants."

Here's another interesting statistic, more men tend to use social media sites to find jobs than women.

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