Gautier halts plans to privatize public works department

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - Gautier has halted plans to privatize its public works department. The city council recently voted to stop the process.

The move comes as the city began accepting several professional service proposals for the month of May.

Some public workers feared privatizing would mean a loss of jobs. But Mayor Tommy Fortenberry said, the change could have helped the city repair critical infrastructure problems faster and save on labor cost.

The mayor wants city council members to reexamines the issue.

"We should have at least looked at the proposals, at least. It was not about costing the city employees jobs or anything else. We were all very protective about our employees and they would keep their jobs," Gautier Mayor Tommy Fortenberry said.

The process was stopped in a 4 to 2 vote by the council.

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