Drivers Not Stopping at School Bus Crossing

The bus ride to or from school isn't supposed to be scary, but it is for some parents in the Pascagoula School District.

That's because some drivers on one busy road aren't stopping when students get on or off their school buses.

"I can't replace my son, he's all I got," November Wallace, a parent said.

As Wallace and her seven-year-old son Mike wait for the bus to pick him up every morning, she always worries about one thing.

"Even when the school buses is stopped, we still have vehicles that fly through here," Wallace said.

These buses make eight stops total in the morning and again in the afternoon on Gautier-Vancleave road. And almost every time the bus stops, drivers run the school bus stop sign.

"You know it's going to taking someone getting our kids hurt before they actually get anything done," Wallace said.

Wallace and other mothers who live here want the Gautier Police to ticket these drivers, who they say are disobeying the law. Just last week her son was mere inches from being hit by a car when getting on the bus.

"If he wouldn't have gotten pulled out of the road, he would've gotten hit," Wallace said. "And I was standing here watching everything."

But Wallace isn't the only one worried about drivers running the school bus stop signs here. The district is worried about the safety of students as well.

"There's no excuse for ever passing a stopped school bus," Cooper Hogue, with the Pascagoula School District Transportation Dept. said.

Hogue knows how many drivers endanger children's lives by passing a bus letting out students.

"We have motorists pass us every day, and it is very dangerous," Hogue said.

For now, these students just have to look twice before getting on or off the school bus, and hopefully the Gautier Police will catch these drivers who put students lives at risk.

The Gautier Police Chief and City Manager did not call us back to comment on the ongoing problem.

The fine for passing a school bus when the stop sign is out is $232.00.

By: Claire Nelson