Knowing Your Body Can Save Your LIfe

Rex Kelly needs a lot of energy to keep up with his 16-month-old granddaughter Zya, but it's energy he didn't have four weeks ago.

"I had felt really fatigued for some number of weeks I really don't even remember how long. Didn't have the classic symptoms so much as I really felt fatigued, worn out, didn't have a lot of energy, and started having some little sensations in the chest, not the real gripping kind of pain but just some sensations," said Kelly, who is the director of corporate communications at the Mississippi Power Company.

He didn't think his small chest pains were anything to worry about, but to be on the safe side, he took a trip to a cardiologist.

"We literally were on the table and he said "Man." And I said, "Doctor, what does 'man' mean? And he said it means you're going to leave here with at least one stint because we've got major blockage," said Kelly.

He actually left with 2 stints to correct two arteries that each had over 90% blockage to his heart. He was back to work within days.

But while he recovered, WLOX Chief Meteorologist Mike Reader received the same news after undergoing an angiogram last week.

"Here's what they found. I just found this out today. One artery was 99 percent blocked, one artery was 95 percent blocked and I actually found out today that I have another artery that's 50 percent blocked, and the doctor said you know, I don't know how you didn't have a heart attack," said Reader.

Mike has had high cholesterol for years, but when his doctor put him on medicine three years ago, he said he didn't want to take a pill everyday.

Now he's taking four pills daily.

"Today I celebrated my grandbaby's third birthday, it's Mother's Day. Theoretically they could have been attending a wake just because of my stubbornness," said Reader.

Both men have the same message to the community.

"I just encourage people to take reasonable good care of themselves obviously, but pay attention to what your body is saying, and when you notice things that are just not normal to you, whatever those are, pursue it. Have it checked out," said Kelly.

As we mentioned, Rex Kelley returned to work a few days after his procedure.

And Mike Reader will be returning to work Monday.

They both encourage all of us to listen to our bodies.