Tigre's - Market Street, Pass Christian

"Tell me what you want, and we'll make it happen."

That's the philosophy at Tigres in Pass Christian. Thomas Genin is co-owner and chef, along with partner Victor Pickich.

"We are all about food. Good food, good wine and good times," says Victor.

Both of these young chefs are full of passion that drives them to make their restaurant a top notch establishment. It's something they learned from one of the modern day masters, Emeril Lagasse. Both worked for the celebrity chef at his New Orleans restaurant Emeril's.

"We are classically trained, so every new dish that we always try and do always leads back, I would say more French-Creole Cuisine," says Victor.

Thomas adds, "Local, regional. Real regional."

The food may be regional, but the meals have many different layers like: the grilled pork chops on white truffle mushroom risotto with gouda cheese. Grilled vegetables topped with a mushroom ragu, sauteed erigovere and a wild mushroom tasso veal reduction sauce. Or paneed veal with smoked gouda cheese and truffled crabmeat spinach topping. You may not remember the name of what you ate, but you're sure to crave the flavors.

"Customers ask us all the time, 'Chef, what did you do to this fish? It was so good.' And the answer to all of what we do is easy. It's all the best and the freshest everyday," says Thomas

In fact, they may change their menu three to four times a week.

"You can't get what you get at a lot of places here. But you can get what we offer and that's just the best, freshest food out there."

"It's a quiet, out of the ordinary experience, food experience."